Hello, Welcome to the ThunderSnout BBQ Sauce Website

ThunderSnout BBQ Sauce is the product of two long-time friends and food enthusiasts, Dave Mundis and Mike Vincent. The magic happened at Memphis in May World BBQ Competition in 2014, where they took 1st place in the Vinegar BBQ Sauce category. After that, they didn't need any more encouragement to start the ThunderSnout BBQ Sauce company. 

We are also pleased to announce that ThunderSnout Gold was
awarded the 5th best Mustard sauce in the country by the
American Royal.  Not only that, Snout Gold placed 22nd as
best overall sauce in America, regardless of the type of BBQ sauce.
This is no small feat.  The American Royal is the counterpart of Memphis
in May as the Super Bowl of BBQ.  Nearly 400 commercial brands fought for
the title of “Best Sauce on the Planet”.  We crushed the competition!

Savor the Snout!
                Dave & Mike                 

Our passion for life and cooking can be found in every bottle of ThunderSnout. We hope it finds a
special place on your grill, in your kitchen and everywhere your best times